Mission Statement


We are committed to provide diverse recreational opportunities that inspire health and well-being for our community.


Inspiring a healthier Stanford by…

Providing inclusive programs and facilities that welcome the entire Stanford community.

Creating a collaborative growth-oriented environment.

Offering programs and instruction of the highest quality.

Maximizing fun, friendly, and positive interactions in our health and well-being focused programs and sports.

Our Values

Inspiring a healthier Stanford by adhering to the following values:

1) Excellence

We offer best in class services in fitness, sports, and recreation.  Our staff are highly trained and continually enhance and develop their skills to meet the high expectations of the our community.

2) Passion

We love what we do and care about providing outstanding services for our community.   Our staff deeply cares for our participants, as well as each other.  Our commitment to the campus is to help individuals accomplish their personal goals.

3) Inclusivity

We believe that everyone benefits from our programs and services.  We are committed to serving the our community and removing barriers to participation regardless of culture, race, age, gender, body image and other campus populations.

4) Teamwork

Working collaboratively towards a common goal accomplishes more at a higher level.  We strive to work together both within our Division and throughout Stanford to create meaningful programs and experiences.

5) Empowerment

We believe in giving staff and participants the ability to thrive.  Through thoughtful efforts, we allow others to take risks to develop and grow.