Facility Information

The Arrillaga Outdoor Education and Recreation Center (AOERC), which opened in November 2013, is located at 285 Santa Teresa Street next to Roble Field.  The facility provides an additional 75,000 square feet of indoor recreation-based facilities and a 50 meter outdoor pool to the university. Features include a stunning state-of-the-art Climbing Wall and Outdoor Education Center, three beautiful indoor courts for basketball, volleyball and badminton, three exercise studios, Cycling Team and sports medicine areas, academic classrooms, and a 14,000 sq. foot Fitness Center which offers the latest in cardio and strength training equipment.

Recreational and instructional swimming is offered to the Stanford community at the Avery Recreation Pool and men’s and women’s locker rooms are available.

The swimming pool is named for the Avery family and offers recreational and instructional swimming. Men’s and women’s locker rooms and showers are available.

The Outdoor Education Center houses the student-run adventure program and outdoor equipment rental. In the 3,000 square foot space there is a lounge, library, collaborative working area, classroom, student officer working area, trip registration, rental desk, and retail shop.

Fitness Center

• Indoor Cycling • Free Digital Daily Lockers • Central Air Conditioning and Blinds • Locker rooms and Showers


• 2 Sci Fit Trainers • 5 Free motion Incline Trainers • 6 Stairmasters • 15 Life Fitness Treadmills • 5 Rowers • 6 Upright Bikes • 6 Recumbent Bikes • 12 Precor Elliptical Fitness Cross Trainer (EFX) • 2 Precor Stepper Units • 7 Precor Adaptive Motion Trainers (AMT) • TRX • 4 Hammer Strength Dual Adjustable Racks • 1 Smith Machine • Cable Cross over • Life Fitness Signature Series Single Stations • Life Fitness Synergy (Boxing Bag included) • Hoist Series • Hammer Strength Signature Series Single Stations • Hammer Strength Plate loaded Rack • Indoor Cycling Room • Stretching Mats (Set and Individual) • Regular, Incline, Decline, Curl, and Preacher Curl Bench • Iron Grip Dumbells and Straight Barbells

Fitness Center Policies

  1. Users must be 18 years or older.
  2. No talking on cell phones on the fitness floor.
  3. Exercise at your own risk.
  4. Only Stanford Recreation Personal Trainers are allowed to conduct training sessions.
  5. No food, drink (other than water), or glass containers are allowed on the fitness floor. Water must be kept in a spill-proof container.
  6. No personal items such as book bags, coats, etc. are allowed on the fitness floor. Please use lockers.
  7. The Fitness Center and its employees are not responsible for loss or stolen property.
  8. For sanitation and safety reasons, and to protect the equipment, participants are required to wear proper workout attire. Shirts, shorts/pants, and clean, closed-toes shoes are required. Jeans (full length or cut-off) or pants (with belts or exposed metal) are not permitted in the Fitness Center. Shirts must be worn at all times, bare mid-drifts are not allowed.
  9. Please do not disturb classes in session.
  10. 30 minute time limit on cardio during peak times.
  11. Please wipe down exercise equipment after use. This includes strength, cardio, and mats.
  12. Re-rack all bars, weights, and dumbbells after use.
  13. Safety clips/collars must be used on all bars.
  14. After use please return all weights and equipment back to its proper place.
  15. Please report any facility related injuries or incidents to the staff on duty.
  16. Please share equipment with other patrons.
  17. Do not remove equipment from the Fitness Center.
  18. No dropping of dumbbells, bars, and plates.
  19. No chalk allowed.
  20. Any filming, photography or postings on the fitness floor must be pre-approved by the Assistant Director of Fitness Facilities.

Participants and guests must abide by all posted and written policies as well as comply with request made by Fitness Center Staff. Staff reserves the right to refuse service to any participant.

Indoor Cycling Studio Policies

  1. Indoor cycling studio is available for use at any time outside of specified reservations. Stanford Recreation reserves the right to change the schedule as needed and without notice. Schedules are posted on the studio door.
  2. The indoor cycling studio must be vacated by non-group fitness participants 15 minutes prior to the start of scheduled class times.
  3. For sanitation, safety, and protection of equipment, participants are required to wear proper workout attire. Shirts, shorts/pants, and clean, closed-toes shoes are required. Jeans (full length or cut-off) or pants (with belts or exposed metal) are not permitted in the Fitness Center, including the Indoor Cycling Studio. Shirts must be worn at all times, bare mid-drifts are not allowed.
  4. Do not remove equipment from the cycle studio. Do not bring bikes into the cycle studio.
  5. All users are required to wipe down bikes and mop floor after use of the bikes.

ADA Information

In an effort to better serve individuals with disabilities, adaptive equipment is available at the AOERC Fitness Center. Current equipment includes a Nu-Step recumbent bike/upper body ergometer, Sci-Fit bike/upper ergometer and various gloves and attachments for using weights. There are ADA parking spots located in front of the building. For additional information or assistance please visit the ADA page.

Facility Location and Access

Front Desk: (650) 498-0765
Fitness Center: (650) 498-0761
285 Santa Teresa Street
Stanford, CA 94305

For more information on how to access these facilities click here.

Facility Rental

For facility rental inquiries, please contact Wesley Howell at or (650) 498-0763.

Lockers and Changing Rooms

Lockers and showers are located downstairs at the AOERC. Additional Locker information can be found here. In addition to the quarterly/annual lockers, the facility also houses 234 day use lockers, of which 132 are located in the locker rooms and 102 in the Fitness Center. These lockers use keypad locks and do not require you to bring your own lock. Day use lockers are free of charge and please note they will be cleared out each night at the close of business and any left behind contents will be added to the lost and found.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found for the AOERC is located at the front desk. Please ask a front desk staff member for assistance. Toiletries and liquid products are not placed in the lost and found.


The AOERC is adjacent to several campus improvement projects (parking structure and new residences). These projects have eliminated parking in both parking lots on Santa Teresa Street (Lot 29 & Lot 31), as well as the street parking on Santa Teresa Street. Handicapped parking however, is still available on Santa Teresa Street. We highly encourage an alternative commute. The AOERC has plenty of bike, skateboard, and scooter parking. The nearest parking options for the AOERC are as follow:

  • Parking Structure 2 (Via Ortega and Panama Street / A Permit, C Permit, and Visitor Parking)
  • Lot 25 (Via Ortega and Panama Street / A Permit and C Permit Parking)
  • Lot 22 (Searsville Road and Campus Drive West / A Permit and C Permit Parking)


Restrooms are located on the top floor of the AOERC adjacent to the basketball courts as well as in the downstairs locker rooms as well as the hallway leading to the Fitness Center.