Other Rec Areas

Open Recreation

Recreation and Wellness offers the Stanford community the opportunity for informal sports and open recreation.  Outside of PE and Rec Classes, Intramural and Club sports, you can play your favorite sports on your own time. From pickup basketball to badminton, table tennis, volleyball, soccer and more, we offer outdoor and indoor facilities for fun and fitness.  The following facilities are available on a first come first serve basis.  No reservations will be accepted. 

Outdoor Space:

Roble Field (across from AOERC)

Sandhill Fields- Soccer Fields

Sandhill Fields- Sand Volleyball Courts

Sandhill Fields- Softball Field

Indoor Space:

AOERC- Basketball Courts, Studio 203, Studio 111

ACSR- Erickson Basketball Courts

Ford Center- Sand Diego Basketball Courts, Racquetball Courts

*One-time events are allowed occasionally upon approval.  Check 25live for availability.  Please contact Joe Pellow, jpellow@stanford.edu, (650) 724-8206 for further inquiries.