Competitive Sports

Club Sports includes 24 Club Sport teams and 8 ASSU Voluntary Student Organization (VSO) Athletic Clubs that compete in intercollegiate competitions at the highest level. Many teams are also open to new and recreational participants. Whether you want to continue playing a sport or you want to try a new activity, there is a club sport for you at Stanford! Contact the team leaders for specifics about practice times and participation.


The mission of Stanford Club Sports is to support intercollegiate competition for Club Sports teams at the highest level for each sport team by providing opportunity for student leadership development as well as appropriate resources to support team and individual success in development, training and competition.Priorities of Stanford Club Sports:

  • All teams participation in intercollegiate competition (but teams can have range of participation level from recreational to elite)
  • Opportunity for student leadership development
  • Access to needed resources


***All Club Sports athletes are required to register with their team online via DoSportsEasy***

Practices & Competitions:

  • Please refer to the following calendars to see when club teams are practicing, and when they are hosting home event competitions.

Stanford Club Sports Competitive Schedule

Stanford Club Sports Practices


Risk Management – Injury Reporting:

Club Safety Officers and Coaches are responsible for reporting all injuries of Stanford club sport participants and/or visitor competitors using the SU-17B Form. Form must be completed and turned into the Competitive Sports Office within 24 hours of the incident occurring.

Travel Form:

All club teams are required to submit a Travel Form for all club team travel. This includes day and overnight trips.

Post-Competition Results Form:

All club teams are required to submit a Post-Competition Results Form upon their return from their team travel. This report allows the Competitive Sports Office to know how the event went.

Home & Away Event Requests:

Complete each request for all home and away events your club has for Fall Quarter. If your club knows its full competition schedule for 2017-18, please submit that information as well. The Assistant Director of Competitive Sports will follow up with the club.

Club Sports Handbook:

This document serves a resource base for all policies and procedures of the Club Sports Program.

Club Sports Staff 2017-2018

Christian Obando, Associate Director – Competitive Sports –

Chris Thomas, Assistant Director – Competitive Sports –